Welcome to the CREATE page!! Here you can pre-write your own obituary, epitaph, and last wishes and "Get it Right" for FREE!!!

The process is simple and easily correctable if you make a mistake or wish to make a change. For your obituary, obitNow.com offers 2 methods: the "free-lance," where you write everything in your own words, and the "template," where obitNow.com leads you through the process. The two methods are explained in more detail for you when you arrive at the next screen.

  Before you start, you may want to check out and possibly print the Example Obituaries.

OK, now let's get started! First, you need to fill in the below form fields to access your obitNow.com information for future visits. This information is required as part of your obituary and will automatically appear as you start to write your obit, epitaph, and last wishes. If you only wish to complete an epitaph or last wishes, you will have the opportunity to skip over the obitaury screens without completing them. Have a great journey, and thanks for joining us at obitNow.com!!!
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